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Bituminous AL Flashing tape

AL Bituminous Flashing Tape is a black versatile  self- adhesive tape with one side bitumen adhesive and other side is reinforced aluminum foil. This tape is very useful to prevent leakages, fill cracks, joints for various surface like Metal, cement, asbestos, fiber, plastic, vinyl etc. It is widely used for flashing applications.


  •     Features

        • Fast & easy application
        • Excellent for flashing
        • No messy sealant
        • Easy installation
        • Stays fliexible
        • Aggressive grip
        • Superior adhesion
        • Good durability and weather resistance
        • No harmful VOC'sl
    AL Bituminous Flashing Tape  is recommended for most types of roofs, windows and flashing problems including: Trailers, RV's, Mobile homes, Industrial buildings, Roof awnings, Truck Trailers, Chimney Flashing, Roof to Wall Flashing, Ridge Flashing, Window frames of glass, metal, plastic, Wood including OSB, Clay and Cement Roof Tiles

       Product size
    1.5mm x 50mm x 10M
    1.5mm x 75mm x 10M
    1.5mm x 100mm x 10M
    1.5mm x 200mm x 10M