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Plus Industries Inc’s Acrylic Foam tapes are engineered to provide assembly solutions for a variety of industrial applications. The peel adhesion and tensile, holding power are significantly higher than any other press sensitive tapes. These high performance tapes are ideal for replacing rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives, and other mechanical fasteners.
All of our series have high tensile strength, shear & peel adhesion, resistance to solvents, moisture an plasticizer migration, low out gassing.  Moreover, acrylic foam tape is ideal for bonding a variety of substrates, including most metal, sealed wood and glass as well as many plastics, composites and painted surfaces.

  •     Acrylic foam tape's Key benefits

        • Fast & easy assembly
        • No drilling, riveting, welding, screw fastening or clean-up
        • Eliminates grinding and refinishing
        • Damps vibration and noise
        • Absorbs impact
        • Joins dissimilar materials
        • Compensates for differential thermal expansion or contractions
        • Lighter, less expensive materials
        • Uniform thickness
        • Die-cutting available
        • Resists plasticizer migration
        • No investment in major equipment
        • Minimal application training     

        Automotive :  Side molding, Exterior and interior parts, Emblem…  
        Commercial vehicle : Exterior panel to frame
        Electronic : Display window, PCB, Assembling housing…
        Construction : Glass glazing & fabrication, Reinforcement material, Decoration panel….
        Others : Signboard, Shipbuilding….