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Folded roll masking film
Stain resistant, temperature resistant, static treated HDPE film that ‘clings’ to surfaces for secure protection. Provides the flexibility and bleed through resistance of film, yet holds paint and gel-coat like paper. Prevents overspray and resists paint ‘flaking’. The top edge is reinforced to allow for easy dispensing / positioning of the film without tearing before extending the folded film to the desired length. Designed to work with multiple dispensers. 


Product application.
Dispense and apply to surface. Once in place, pull on film drape to extend to desired length until surfaces are protected. When completed, the exposed area is ready for sanding, prepping, and painting.    

   AVAILABLE SIZES in four unfolding lengths

24” (609mm) x 180 ft (54.8m)
48” (1219mm) x 180 ft (54.8m)
72” (1823mm) x 90 ft (27.4 m)
99” (2514mm) x 90 ft (27.4 m)


The following data are nominal values based on PSTC,ASTM and other standard test. The data should not be considered as specifications.
Color                                             Clear
Total Thickness (mils)                0.47mil (12 micron)
Film                                                HDPE