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Time Save

Pre taped drop cloths is a pre folded PE film that feature pre taped edge of professional grade masking tape.
Painting preparation is a pain, but a necessary part of the job.  Pre taped plastic drop cloths are easy to apply and will help protect floors, furniture and other objects from paint drip and splatters.  Products come on rolls and are avialbable in several sizes.
Automotive Biz - Painting, Coating & Waxing, Attaching window tint film..
Construction Biz - Interior & Exterior painting, Caulking & Sealing..
Commercial cleaning Biz - Cleaning and Waxing floor.. 

Product Standard Size

Masking tape is the most important factor for the quality.  We are using the verified hight quality masking tape.
We are using two grade of masking tape depending on the application.
(Other masking tapes are available following customer's request)