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Air tightness
Anti corrosion

Butyl tape is non-hardening and permanently tacky elastic butyl based self adhesive tape. It is based on poly-isobutylene and a cross-linked butyl blend.  Butyl tape adheres to any material you can think of; glass, metal, wood or concrete just to name a few. It has excellent absorption rate for movement and shock.  And also it can be easily adjusted during and after it is applied.  Also butyl is known for its excellent resistance to water, steam, alkalis, and oxygenated solvents and UV resistance.  Thanks to the above superior properties, butyl tape has a wide range of application.

  •     Butyl tape's Features

        • All-weather resisitance
        • Excellent UV & Chemical resistance
        • Solvent free
        • Easy installation
        • No need curing time
        • Excellent adhesion to various surface(steel glass, rubber..)
        • Non hardening & permanently tacky
        • Excellent durability
        • Best outdoor all-weather & waterproof adhesive material
        • High energy absorption(Good damping material)

        Butyl compound characteristics


    Butyl tape is produced by extrusion process and comes in single or double-sided versions.  The tape has excellent properties that other tapes and sealants can not provide.  Although there are many advantage of butyl tape, the main is that it combines the adhesive power of tape with the sealing power of caulk & sealant.

    Single sided  version
    Single sided butyl adhesive tapes are produced by extrusion & laminating process.  This tape is composed of backing material, butyl adhesive, release liner.   Depending on the backing materials' properties, these products can be used for numerous business field.  We are using  Aluminum foil, PE or PVC films, Non-woven fabric.  Besides these materials, we are using many other  materials following customers’ request.
    Product type : Roll(Core size :3 inch)

    Butyl layer Color : Black (Grey)
    Backing materials : AL foil, laminated AL foil, PE film, PVC film, Non-woven fabric...
    Thickness : 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm (other thickness  available)
    Width : 10mm ~ 900mm
    Length : 10M~

    Double sided version
    Double sided butyl adhesive tapes are produced by extrusion process without any backing material.   And the release liner has finger left.   Because this tape has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces including glass, metals, wood, concrete and stone, it is used to create a long lasting, flexible positioning and sealing between similar or dissimilar surfaces which will be subjected to normal expansion & contraction and wind loading force.
    Construction : Glass glazing & fabrication, Reinforcement material, Decoration panel….
    Product type : Roll(Core size :3 inch)  or sheet.

    Color : Black (Grey)
    Liner : Paper Liner(Brown or white)
    Thickness : 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm (other thickness available)
    Width : 5mm ~ 1000mm
    Length : 10M~ …

    No need any special machine to tool.
    Applicable to any place.
    Good adhesion and water & air tightness properties.
    Good persistence property with display permanent self adhesive.
    Good store stability and rework properties.
    Not include harmful materials for person.
    Various properties depending on the backing materials.